March 3rd marks the beginning of MS Awareness Week and I am kicking off my first year of collecting donations for the cause. Four years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I've been working hard to educate others about the disease. It is an unpredictable disease that is currently without a cure. No one has any idea as to what causes this disease but researchers have been making incredible breakthroughs over the years. Although it is a result of an overactive immune system response it is considered a neurological disease. I've attached a link to the National MS Society information site if you are interested in learning more. 

With that said I will be accepting donations from March 3rd - 9th to go towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and its research development unit. Also 1/2 of sales made throughout this week will be donated to the fund as well. 

All support is greatly appreciated! 



Valentine's Day promotion has been announced! 14% off until February 14th. Minimum order of 10$ is required. Discount includes workshops and memberships! Coupon code = IHEARTPAPER


I am committing myself to update this section at least once, if not more, a month. Consider it my monthly update. This is what I have for you this January:

Upcoming workshops & events (Intro to Papermaking, Quilling, Seed Paper & Lino Cuts; Rochester Indie Weddings) - details can be found in the Event section.

Shop updates (blank notebooks! Who doesn't love a good ol' blank notebook?!) - journals, notebooks, sketchbooks can be found in the Shop section. Don't worry paper will be on the way shortly!

I am now accepting orders again! After many months of laying low I am now ready to produce paper! For those of you who don't know I have been in the process of relocating both my family and the mill to the countryside of Western New York. I have left my day job during the process and am working full-time in the mill. Which means I need these orders to keep on coming. Got something in mind? Contact me about an estimate. 

On a more personal note, this month (this week!) has been trying for many, if not all of us. Yes, I get political and I think everyone should at least be informed about the opinions they have and the stances they take. This past week has many of us on edge in just about every corner of every topic. I'm not here to tell you what to think nor what to believe. All that I ask is that we stay informed and do our utmost to listen. Once I am able to wrap my brain around the current state of things I will be doing my part to help raise money and awareness for all that is at risk. We are all in this together and I can assure you I will be right by your side. And I can assure you, if books start to burn, I will fight like never before to protect those sacred words for all of the generations to come. Until then, enjoy some Alec Baldwin SNL skits. Political satire is the key. If that's not your thing, maybe cute animal videos?! : ) 

Take care!


Donation & sponsor request:

I am hoping to host a Happy Hour fundraising event at the Western New York Book Arts Center this March and am currently searching for donations (drinks, food, basket raffles) as well as sponsors. If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be please contact me. It will be a donation-based event and all proceeds will be donated to the National MS Society.

If you cannot attend the event but would like to donate on behalf of Petrichorpaper, I will be making available throughout the duration of MS Awareness Week a donation collection through Paypal. An email remainder will be sent shortly before the week kicks off in early March. 

The last of my offset pamphlet journals are now up for sale. You can purchase them in my Shop section or in-person at the Western New York Book Arts Center or Buffalo ShopCraft. 


I'm writing this a few days early because I am too excited about my official 12 Days of Christmas countdown. As many of you know I will be taking the holiday season off to prepare for a big move within the paper mill. It has been difficult to sit this season out but I think the rest will be beneficial while I settle into the new space. This list of items are a combination of personal goals for the new year, updates on upcoming events and announcements for new projects. So here it is, my 12 Days of Christmas countdown!

1. Better business organization (this is tremendous & for the first time I feel like reading all of these business books are paying off!) & accepting chip cards!

2. New location for the Petrichorpaper paper mill: the paper mill will be relocating to Randolph, New York (1.5hr south of Buffalo). This does not mean I will be abandoning Buffalo! I will still be committing to workshops, vendor sales, etc. in that area.

3. Open studio/workshops: these will be available in Summer 2017 and a schedule will be announced in the spring. 

4. Specialty workshops: also available later in 2017. Schedule will be posted once available. These sorts of workshops will include in-depth seasonal papermaking (harvest walks, natural dyes, inclusions), holiday-themed workshops, potluck & papermaking events, etc.

5. Fiber Farm: this is a goal for late 2017 or early 2018. The space will be decided upon and then prepped throughout the year.

6. Residency: another goal for late 2017-2018. Indeed, the Kickstarter campaign I initially launched was a lofty goal and I have received many messages with suggestions for another campaign. Everything is being considered and mapped out so you can look forward to another campaign launch later in 2017.

7. MS Week: I've been wanting to do this since I started Petrichorpaper and this will be the first year I can actually commit to it! This is a cause that is dear to me and every year I celebrate the date of my diagnosis (which just so happens to be during MS Week). Instead of long hikes, good books & coffee I can celebrate in the studio! At the end of MS Week 1/2 of all proceeds earned will be donated to a local MS chapter. 

8. Steady inventory for online & in-store shops: Since I am dedicating the amount of time necessary to keep up on inventory I will have a consistent & steady presence within my online shops (, Etsy, soon to be: Amazon, ScoutMob) and in-store consignment (Buffalo ShopCraft, Western New York Book Arts Center). With that said I am always open for other retail options. If interested, please contact me.

9. Buffalo Indie Weddings: yes, weddings! Wedded-to-be, I will have stationery/invites/various paper goods available! Look for me during their Spring event.

10. Increased vendor appearances: I am hoping to expand my range of vendor appearances. There are so many vendor events that would be perfect for paper products and I hope to deliver. Contact me if you have suggestions for vendor events.

11. New beater: this is a Christmas 2017 idea. I am hoping to be able to purchase a Reina beater by the end of next year. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make this happen!

12. Membership program!: I am most excited about the possibility of this program. This sort of investment helps me dedicate most of my time to making paper...for a living! The best part? You can sign up now! Details can be found in the Membership section of Services on this website. It is a one-year membership with quarterly mailings. Prices range from 100-175$.

That is it for now and I wish you all happy holidays. Best wishes and safe travels.


Wow! I did not realize the last time I submitted a post was the beginning of July! My dearest apologies! 

Here is the latest news from the mill:

Petrichorpaper is moving!!! 

It is official. I am in the process of packing things up and relocating to Randolph, NY (1.5hrs south of Buffalo, towards Jamestown/Fredonia/Ellicottville). For the coming months I will still be operating relatively low-key but production will resume late January/early February. And then come summer my doors are open for community participation. I deeply appreciate everyone's patience during this exciting transition! 

With that said I will not be participating in any holiday vendor shows this year. 2017 is going to be a big year for petrichorpaper so please keep an eye out for updates throughout the winter. My holiday gift to you? My 2017 announcement plan. Beginning December 1st I will be dropping hints and announcing all of the news for my 2017 plan in the form of 12 Days of Christmas. 

Until next time,