Winter winds are making their way down the city streets and holiday chaos is approaching faster than all of us would like but let us focus on more important matters: papermaking!

October highlights:

Coffee paper!

I'm working on making envelopes sets with some various fibers (coffee, cotton, denim and junk mail) to have available for the holidays. Keep an eye out in the Store section, my Etsy shop or stop by at the local trade shows to pick up a set!

During the month I paid a couple of visits to other paper houses in the area. While visiting Wells College for Richard Kegler's lecture I got a chance to see their future paper house. Richard Kegler, Director of the Book Arts Dept. at Wells College in Aurora, NY is setting up a paper studio in a wonderful little greenhouse next to their Book Arts building. It sounds like a promising future is in the works and hopefully many of you will be a part of it.

Paperhouse Studios, located in Toronto, celebrated their one-year anniversary as well as a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which I decided to crash and say hello from their neighbors below. It was nice to see the studios lay-out.

That has been one thing I've been focused on when viewing other paper studios. Placement of equipment is everything in papermaking. If the studio lacks an adequate flow the paper will undoubtedly show it. The paper will be embedded with confusion and lost identity. Not really but it will make things rather difficult if you have to keep moving things here and there and cross the room dozens of times from vat to felt. Setting up the petrichorpaper studio has been an interesting task in such a tight space and I've been paying close attention to other setups to find improvements in my own system. So many paper studios are small as well which is encouraging. But worry not because I am making sure to make the space feel as large and open as possible. If you get overwhelmed you can always take a break and have a coffee in the next room. Yes. The petrichorpaper mill will essentially have a break room.

As for an update about the mill in and of itself: I apologize to keep leading you all on about this mysterious place but it really does exist and is getting closer by the day. For the time being I am still working on the setup and getting equipment to peak condition as well as completing the construction phase. I am open to hold workshops but I cannot, at the moment, hold them at the mill. Anyone who is interested in an addition to workshop series I have a few ideas for some and would love to participate! I appreciate everyone's patience and want you to know it will be worth the wait. For the meanwhile I will continue the work and will see you all at the holiday trade shows with the first official batches of the petrichorpaper mill!