Happy holidays to everyone!

Thank you all for such a wonderful year! It certainly has helped provide a promising foundation. Now begins the time of year when I hibernate. From January through March I aim to reset my mind to focus on fresh creativity and produce different projects. During this time I try to keep pretty quiet since the rest of the year is awash with busy. After this newsletter, short of reminders about workshops, I will not likely be active online until March. If you would like to get a hold of me about certain projects dealing with paper don't hesitate to contact me! I won't be dropping off the planet so much as busy in the studio/rehabbing the house. : )


Just a couple of announcements before I leave you for the winter:

Seeing how it is Christmas today my gift to you: 50% off anything 10$ and over. I'm trying to clear my current stock in order to start fresh for 2015. Starting today through January 1st. If you are a local resident I will see what I can do about a personal delivery v. shipping via USPS. It should save a little bit of cost for you. Visit my Etsy shop: petrichorpaper (code = BIGHEROZERO) or head on over to the Shop section of this site.


Over the last few months I have received a number of questions regarding workshops.  I will be hosting workshops at the Western New York Book Arts Center (WNYBAC) this winter/spring. The list can be found under my Events page. Spaces are limited so don't wait!


Now I will bid you all a temporary farewell to my winter retreat. If I don't see you at any of the above-mentioned workshops I hope to see you this spring! Wishing you the best of new years! Be safe and take care!