The summer has been busy in getting the mill in motion while also continuing the rehab of the building but things are progressing. With some trial batches completed all is looking well. So far there are two varying batches of daylily (harvested from the petrichorpaper property) as well as a mystery mix of what I believe to be kozo and gampi (the packages were sent unlabeled). All hand-beaten as the beater is not up and running yet. Hopefully during the month of August we will install the electricity.

Daylily harvesting!

Hand beat success.

Hand beat defeat.

Bin of mystery.

Denim prep.

Afternoon sheet forming.

2AM sheet forming.


In the coming weeks I'll be harvesting various flowers to press for inclusions as well as the remaining daylily for the season. Glad to know I can make something nice out of this invasive plant.


The store is now fully functional! Feel free to visit it. Sparse at the moment but it will only grow from here. If paper is not what you're looking for head on over to my Etsy store (petrichorpaper) for Fine Art options. Beginning this Friday and continuing through the whole month of August is a Back to School Sale - 10$ off any purchase over 20$ (only applies for Paper and Journals).


Artist of the Week:  Hannah Lobley

A Lord of the Rings ring made from, what else, one of the books from the trilogy. Wonderful!


I am beginning to work on a list for Fall/Winter workshops (I know you're dreading even reading those chilly words!) and should have that posted and in print by the end of August. If anyone is interested in hosting one of my workshops or has a request for additional workshops please feel free to contact me. The more the merrier!


Check out what is happening currently at the mill through Instagram: @petrichorpaper