As we begin our transition to crisp autumn evenings I will be sharing examples of paper artists, tutorials, events as well as continual updates on the mill’s progress. We have been slightly set back by the city but still remain in rapid motion towards its completion. Our priorities are focused on being able to keep the building warm this winter for all to enjoy without the need for wool overcoats, thick gloves and heavy winter boots (inside the building!). Unfortunately I am unable to say the exact date when it will be done but I can promise that as we get closer you will be the first informed. We are in the final stretch!


A number of lads and ladies have asked about making mould and deckles at home. Helen Hiebert has shared a tutorial on this very subject in her weekly Sunday Paper and I wanted to share it:

Helen Hiebert

This month’s paper exploration features: Papermaking with fungus, paper fashion shows and paper-cut artists Sarah Trumbauer and Maude White. (Note: the following photos were collected from various sources and are not to be credited to petrichorpaper)

For those bored with plant fibers and cotton rag or just wanting to explore new fiber territory check out the Fungal Jungal!

Here are examples of how paper can be worn in a fashionable setting. The Hanji Fashion Shows are strictly hanji (Korean mulberry paper) meaning the clothing is strictly paper!

Hanji Fashion Show

Sarah Trumbauer is a paper-cut artist based in Pennsylvania and her work can be viewed here: Sarah Trumbauer

Buffalo-based paper-cut artist, Maude White, will be displaying her intricate cuts this Friday (September 5th) at Western New York Book Arts Center (WNYBAC) from 6-9pm. If you are in the area this will be a show you won’t want to miss! You can view more of her amazing work her: Maude White

The Friends of Dard Hunter 2014 Conference in San Francisco is now open for registration! Sadly, I cannot attend this year but you can go and tell me all about it! : ) Take a break from the office and journey West!


Ending note: Due to the setback of construction I am available for workshops if there is a host location looking for more workshop opportunities! Please feel free to contact me via email if interested.