A couple of noteworthy topics for the week:

Upstate New York Wayzgoose will be held at Wells College this Saturday from 11-5pm. This will be an exciting event for those who are fond of printing, paper and books alike. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the unusually named event here is a bit of history (at least what I have researched on the internet - if I have it wrong PLEASE let me know!). Wayzgoose (origin of the name is greatly disputed) is an event for printers/papermakers/bookbinders marking the end of holiday and the beginning of the working season. Dating back as far as the 15th century the day is marked with a feast for all involved and usually held at the end of summer. It has changed throughout the years as trades have come and gone and adapted to the modern age, however, the principle is still there. A celebration to remind us to get back to work! : ) For this Saturday's event there will be plenty of vendors and demonstrations along with exhibitions and campus tours. The weather is supposed to be the embodiment of spring, so I hear, and if you're not in the area treat yourself to a drive through the country. It'll be worth it I promise. For more information visit this site: Waygoose 2015

More great news - the hollander beater is officially up and running! This charming fellow has been working on it for the last couple of days and it is purring like a lion. With that said I would like to announce that I am offering custom pulp sales to anyone in need of pulp. Quotes will be based entirely on what you're wanting for paper.

Also, my seasonal stock is underway for spring. I am offering options of daylily, dandelion, assorted wildflower inclusions along with anything local and in season. Think of a greener pallet for the next few months.

Take care and be sure to spend some time outside to enjoy spring!