Wow! I did not realize the last time I submitted a post was the beginning of July! My dearest apologies! 

Here is the latest news from the mill:

Petrichorpaper is moving!!! 

It is official. I am in the process of packing things up and relocating to Randolph, NY (1.5hrs south of Buffalo, towards Jamestown/Fredonia/Ellicottville). For the coming months I will still be operating relatively low-key but production will resume late January/early February. And then come summer my doors are open for community participation. I deeply appreciate everyone's patience during this exciting transition! 

With that said I will not be participating in any holiday vendor shows this year. 2017 is going to be a big year for petrichorpaper so please keep an eye out for updates throughout the winter. My holiday gift to you? My 2017 announcement plan. Beginning December 1st I will be dropping hints and announcing all of the news for my 2017 plan in the form of 12 Days of Christmas. 

Until next time,