I am committing myself to update this section at least once, if not more, a month. Consider it my monthly update. This is what I have for you this January:

Upcoming workshops & events (Intro to Papermaking, Quilling, Seed Paper & Lino Cuts; Rochester Indie Weddings) - details can be found in the Event section.

Shop updates (blank notebooks! Who doesn't love a good ol' blank notebook?!) - journals, notebooks, sketchbooks can be found in the Shop section. Don't worry paper will be on the way shortly!

I am now accepting orders again! After many months of laying low I am now ready to produce paper! For those of you who don't know I have been in the process of relocating both my family and the mill to the countryside of Western New York. I have left my day job during the process and am working full-time in the mill. Which means I need these orders to keep on coming. Got something in mind? Contact me about an estimate. 

On a more personal note, this month (this week!) has been trying for many, if not all of us. Yes, I get political and I think everyone should at least be informed about the opinions they have and the stances they take. This past week has many of us on edge in just about every corner of every topic. I'm not here to tell you what to think nor what to believe. All that I ask is that we stay informed and do our utmost to listen. Once I am able to wrap my brain around the current state of things I will be doing my part to help raise money and awareness for all that is at risk. We are all in this together and I can assure you I will be right by your side. And I can assure you, if books start to burn, I will fight like never before to protect those sacred words for all of the generations to come. Until then, enjoy some Alec Baldwin SNL skits. Political satire is the key. If that's not your thing, maybe cute animal videos?! : ) 

Take care!