July 15-21, 2018 – The class will explore the basics of papermaking through nature. We’ll work with a variety of plant fibers to form sheets as well use for inclusions and natural dyes. I’ll introduce basic methods, tools, equipment, and sizing techniques while allowing plenty of time to experiment. We will have a chance to harvest local plants so be sure to pack your field guides! The goal is to create a portfolio with nature’s provisions and challenge ourselves to see the potential in our own backyards.

This will be my last workshop for the foreseeable future. Wells College is located in the Finger Lakes region and is absolutely beautiful in the summer. Come join me in celebrating the book arts and closing out my workshop schedule in style! 

Asides from this wonderful opportunity, I will be taking time off to focus on my studies. The Shop will still be open but custom orders and regular posts will not be available. Thank you!